Seeking wisdom III - About Change & the Fallacy of Predictions

Don’t believe people who say they can forecast unforeseeable variables. Nobody can forecast interest or currency rates, the GDP, turning points in the economy, the stock market, etc. Massive amounts of information, advanced computers of fancy mathematical formulae don’t help. According to Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, to believe the precision that they project is a chimera. In fact, such models can lull decision-makers into a false sense of security and thereby increase their chances of making mistakes.

We need to talk about Aryzta!

Sometimes in life (i.e. in the life of a fund manager!) grace comes in the form of a punch in the face and sometimes in life (i.e. in the life of a fund manager!) I eat humble pie. I need to tell you about Aryzta.

2018: The Return of the Bear Market?

With 2017 having been a year of rising stock markets and low volatility, 2018 has very much ensured that investors do not forget that markets can also fall. Nevertheless not all downturns have been alike and the one we are seeing today is very different to the correction we saw at the beginning of the year.

Kuehne & Nagel has “mojo”

In this month’s opinion, find out if Kuehne & Nagel still has its mojo.

Seeking Wisdom II – Beware of “systems thinking”!

In this month’s opinion, Pierre Cloux uncovers the curious human behavior of system thinking.

Seeking wisdom – On a pilgrimage to Omaha

In this month’s opinion, join Pierre Cloux on his adventure to Omaha.

So who’s the Donkey? Mr. Market? Or is he Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde?

In this month’s opinion, Pierre Cloux takes an introspective journey through France while drawing parallels with his experience with Mr. Market.

Investis – The “Boss” with a vision has stamina & walks the talk!

Find out what a successful Swiss entrepreneur looks like through Pierre Cloux’s analysis of Investis.

Federer, Chainsaw, and Russian Roulette: Lessons from the Recent Volatility Spike

Following February’s volatility spike, Pierre de Saab, Partner and Head of Asset Management at Dominicé, contemplates the lessons to be learned.

(S)Watch it Johnny! Scratch-resistant Ceramic arguments

Pierre Cloux, Partner and Swiss equities fund manager, contemplates the influence of the smartwatches on the future of the Swiss watch industry.