Dominicé is an investment management company based in Geneva. We offer a range of specialized investment funds, as well as wealth management services that aim to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns throughout various market cycles.

Our clients feel comfortable knowing we invest first in the products that we have created for them. This not only builds trust, it also shows we are together in a strategy that is based on breaking the traditional rules of investing to find the most rewarding solutions. 

Invest like us and we will all come out on top.

Good News, you don't have to trust us

Results build trust. Dominicé’s investment skills have been recognized internationally over the years, underlining the validity of our unique approach to investment management. Our awards speak for themselves.

EQDerivatives Awards


UCITS Volatility Manager of the Year -2018

Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards


2017 Best US Equities Fund Over 3 Years in Switzerland

EuroHedge Awards


Best Convertibles and Volatility Fund, 2012


Best Convertibles and Volatility Fund - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022

HFM European Quant Performance Awards


Best Quant Equity - 2021

HFM European Performance Awards


Market Neutral - 2012
Single Manager long term performance overall (3 years over $500M) - 2014
Relative value - 2016
Managed Futures (CTA) under $1bn - 2016
Managed futures (CTA) long term performance (5 years) under $1bn - 2016
Quantitative strategy under $1bn - 2017
Relative value - 2017
Market neutral - 2017
Managed futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years) - under $1bn - 2019
Managed futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years) - under $1bn - 2020
UCITS - Managed Futures - 2020



Investor Choice Awards


Market Neutral Fund of 2012

Market Neutral Fund, last 3 years

Volatility Fund - Under $100m - Long Term Performance 2022


Volatility Fund of 2015
Volatility Fund of 2016
North American Equity Fund 2022

Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards


Best Defensive CTA - Single Sector - 2012
Greatest Returns, High Volatility - Single Sector - 2012
1-Year Best Single Sector CTA - 2013
5-Year Best Single Sector CTA - 2013


Best Risk Adjusted Returns - Single Sector - 2012
Best Single Sector CTA - 2014
3-Year Best Hybrid CTA - 2014
1-Year Best Single Sector CTA - 2015
5-Year Best Single Sector CTA - 2015

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