Climate Change and Consequences for the Investment Funds

The importance of responsible investing keeps on growing. The integration of environmental issues in the asset management and the financial services sectors, however, raises many regulatory, risk and operational questions.

Integrating Volatility in a Strategic Portfolio Allocation

Amidst dampened expectations for equity and government bond returns, Dominicé’s investment team has carried out an analysis of how traditional diversified portfolios could be enhanced with volatility strategies.

Diego Reyes joins Dominicé's Real Estate Team

We are pleased to announce that Diego Reyes has joined Dominicé's Real Estate team as a senior fund manager.

Swiss Property Market - Expensive for a Long Time

Last property crisis in Switzerland was over 25 years ago and property prices continue to rise. Is this an exceptionally long market cycle? Or is there something different this time around?

Dominicé integrates ESG ratings into its Equity Funds

Geneva, Switzerland – Dominicé is pleased to announce it has integrated ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) ratings into the quantitative stock selection process for the portfolios of the US and European equity funds.

Dominicé launches European Equities Strategy

Dominicé is pleased to announce the launch of an enhanced beta European Equities Strategy.

ABB’s power conversion division remains disposal candidate as streamlining strategy strengthens, sources say

In this article from Acuris, Pierre Cloux is quoted on his insight on ABB while the group discusses disposal of the power conversion division.

Performance Analysis of Long Volatility and Relative Value Volatility Strategies

Over the past decade volatility investing has emerged as a new asset class. Dominicé’s Investment Team has carried out an analysis of the risk-return profile of long volatility and relative value volatility strategies and their added value to an equity portfolio.

“A marathon, not a sprint”: Why patience is a virtue for volatility-focused hedge fund Dominicé

In this article, Hedgeweek looks into how Dominicé’s volatility strategy navigates the uncertainty to deliver consistent returns over the past 16 years and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the current macroeconomic context.

‘Black Swan’ funds enjoy rare chance to spread their wings

Dominicé’s Volatility Strategy was featured in the Financial Times article that highlights the best performing tail risk and defensive volatility hedge funds this year. The recent market sell-off triggered by the COVID-19 crisis presented excellent opportunity for some of the tail hedge strategies to deliver extraordinary returns. The protection strategies however may be costly to run in the long term. Among the strategies that exhibit defensive nature and are profitable throughout the market cycle the article mentions Dominicé’s Volatility Strategy that delivered 21% return in March, and made money 14 out of its 16 years since inception.