A simple, yet solid, concept



“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


We pride ourselves in seeing value where others do not. The originality of our Funds is not so much in the investments themselves. It is in how we manage them.

We favor simple ideas based on solid fundamentals when designing our investment strategies. We take a quantitative approach because we value rationality and efficiency, enabling us to avoid behavioral bias. Our investments are in well-known asset classes and markets that offer liquidity and transparency.

We look after your investments the same way we do our own. And we believe in the specialized investment products that we create, because they were first tailored to our own investment needs. As an appropriate response to our vision of the global economy, our investment products can be used collectively as a portfolio, or individually to answer the specific needs of our clients.



The goal of our volatility strategy is to produce positive uncorrelated returns that remain robust in various market cycles.


Our strategy is based on Myopia ArbitrageTM. This concept is built on proprietary research in the myopic behavior of equity investors, who tend to focus on short-term risk in equity markets. Our approach to identifying opportunities in the volatility space and effectively managing their risk is scientific. This is key to generating positive returns that are resilient to market conditions.


We implement our strategy by assembling a liquid portfolio of listed futures and options on global equity and volatility indices. We are skilled in finding value among similar derivative instruments and in carefully managing their risk.

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Our US and European equity strategies draw on our expertise in behavioral finance to outperform their respective regional benchmarks.


We follow a quantitative approach that is based on our expertise in seasonality and avoids relying on traditional stock picking. Here we select the appropriate stocks and set the overall equity risk of the fund. We then use Myopia ArbitrageTM to manage a derivatives portfolio overlay.

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Our Swiss real estate strategy is built on purchasing residential rental buildings that provide affordable housing located close to amenities and transportation.


The goal of the strategy is to produce positive risk-adjusted returns in Swiss Francs. In the very competitive market of rental buildings, we succeed in adding value through a rigorous selection process and our ability to redevelop and promote real estate projects.


Truly defensive in nature, this investment strategy is resilient to inflation yet provides a positive yield in Swiss Francs.

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