Our vision

As an independent asset and wealth management company, we believe that investments should be adapted to the current financial environment. Today, we are in a situation where:

  • Capital returns are particularly low.
  • Markets tend to be relatively efficient.
  • Greater macro-economic imbalances produce recurrent financial crises.

We take these key criteria into account to bring you the most productive investment solutions.

Money should be productive

To ensure your money is managed in the most productive way, we focus on specific market niches. You can count on our expertise to make a real difference, especially in the current low capital return environment.

Making the irrational rational

Markets tend to be relatively efficient. But the psychological pressure put on financial industry professionals invariably leads to irrationality. Investment decisions are based on an incoherent short-term perception of risk often caused by the drive for year-end performance, disregarding the long-term investment horizon of a client.

We continuously analyze irrational short-term investment behavior to better understand the market cycles and enhance our expertise in volatility arbitrage. At Dominicé, we have the skills and experience to capitalize on such myopic behavior.

Weathering the storm

We are driven to perform well in bull markets. And we are driven to protect assets during inevitable crises. 

Recent history shows that governments and central banks are subjected to ever greater political pressure to actively stimulate the economy. This chronic interference creates imbalances, pushing financial markets in extreme upward and downward directions. 

Our investment strategies are built to take into account extreme market movements to ensure sustainable performance in the long-run.