July 2003

Michel Dominicé’s profound interest and in-depth research in the myopic behavior of equity investors leads to the launch of his first investment fund and the founding of the company that takes his name. The fund focuses on volatility arbitrage to deliver absolute return. The company also offers wealth management services to high-net-worth clients.

December 2007

Dominicé obtains its authorization with FINMA, the Swiss Market Supervisory Authority.

January 2008

On a quest for new opportunities, Dominicé launches a Swiss-registered long-only equity fund that invests in small to mid-cap Swiss companies that are underestimated or undervalued by the market.

February 2013

Dominicé registers as a CPO (Commodity Pool Operator) with the CFTC (the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and becomes a member of the NFA (the US National Futures Association).

February 2013

Dominicé launches a new Swiss-registered fund that uses an original quantitative method based on the behavioral bias of equity investors. The fund sets out to outperform the US equity market by investing in US equities and listed derivatives.

May 2013

Dominicé launches a Swiss-registered Real Estate fund that invests in Swiss residential real estate.

June 2015

Dominicé launches a UCITS version of its flagship volatility fund.

October 2018

Dominicé lists its Real Estate Fund on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

September 2020

Dominicé launches a Swiss-registered fund that uses a quantitative approach based on behavioural bias of equity investors, such as seasonality and myopia, to invest in European equities and equity derivatives. The fund aims to outperform the European Equity Market ex Switzerland.