Dominicé Swiss Property Fund (DSPF) Shares The Results Of Its Latest Capital Increase


Geneva, June 18, 2024 - Dominicé Swiss Property Fund (DSPF) shares the results of its latest capital increase

As part of its recent capital increase, and at the end of the subscription period, which closed on June 14, 2024, DSPF is pleased to announce that the operation was a great success.

All 300,000 newly issued shares were fully subscribed, representing a total contribution of CHF 37.8 million to the fund. The new shares will be paid up and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on June 21, 2024.


The capital raised will be used to acquire a portfolio of residential properties in Geneva. Part of this acquisition will be carried out by means of a SWAP, enabling owners to obtain DSPF units in exchange for part of their real estate portfolio.


This spring, DSPF raised two rounds of financing totalling 75 million Swiss francs. The success of these transactions testifies to the relevance of its real estate strategy, the strong confidence of our existing and new investors, and the growing recognition of the DSPF Fund in the markets.



With a real estate portfolio of CHF 550 million at December 31, 2023, DSPF's investment strategy is to acquire residential rental properties in French-speaking Switzerland, offering attractive housing close to amenities and transport links. The aim of this strategy is to generate positive risk-adjusted returns in Swiss francs. In a highly competitive rental property market, we create value through a rigorous selection process and our ability to develop and promote real estate projects. This inherently defensive investment strategy is inflation-resistant while generating positive returns in Swiss francs.


The official press release is available here.


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