Dominicé participated at the 9th Global Volatility Summit in New York on March 14th 2018 where it shared its views and outlook on volatility.

Since its inception in 2010, the Global Volatility Summit has been a leader in educating institutional investors on volatility and options trading strategies and the role these can play in institutional investment portfolios. Over 400 participants from around the globe attended this year’s summit in order to take part in the presentations, educational sessions, idea sharing, lively debates and constructive networking sessions.  Among the participants were some of the largest institutional investors, volatility managers, banks, and exchanges.

Pierre de Saab, Partner at Dominicé, participated on the panel “Fortune Teller – Tarot Cards Read: What Will 2018 Bring to the Markets?”. He argued that the February correction was particularly visible for equity volatility, even though it did not have a significant impact on other risk metrics. This leads him to believe that this correction was a washout from a crowded short volatility trade and, once the dust settles, volatility will most likely return to its normal regime, settling around mid-teen levels.

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From left to right: J. David Rogers (JD Capital Management), Pierre de Saab (Dominicé & Co.), Chris Rodarte (Pine River Capital Management), Tobbias Hekster (True Partner Advisor), Sarah Dahan (BlueMountain Capital Management)