Dominicé integrates ESG ratings into its Equity Funds


Geneva, Switzerland – Dominicé is pleased to announce it has integrated ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) ratings into the quantitative stock selection process for the portfolios of the US and European equity funds. This integration is part of Dominicé’s effort to align all its business and investment practices with responsible investment and ESG considerations, with the aim of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term whilst helping the investors to reach their sustainable investment goals.

The Dominicé US and European equity funds use a quantitative strategy based on the behavioral bias of equity investors, seen as myopia and seasonality, in order to outperform the benchmark. The ESG optimization process consists of eliminating stocks with a low ESG rating from the allocation, whilst preserving the initial portfolio characteristics and a low tracking error. The objective is to improve the overall weighted ESG score of the portfolios and to outperform that of the benchmark.

For more details about our approach to responsible investing, do not hesitate to contact Investor Relations.

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