Dominicé Funds: Half Year Review


At Dominicé we focus on three pillars – equities, volatility and real estate – in order to succeed in today’s markets. Combined these pillars constitute a portfolio that resists the market downturns and grows wealth throughout the market cycles.

Today we celebrate company's 18th birthday and we are pleased to share the half-year performance and business highlights.

Dominicé funds were up across the board in the first half of the year and the firm assets rose to $1.2 billion.



2021 Return*

Volatility Strategy



US Equity Strategy



European Equity Strategy



Swiss Equity Strategy



Swiss Property Strategy



After posting 13% return in 2020, volatility strategy continues the positive trend up 6% Ytd. Solid performance this year is due to continuous innovation and trade diversification within the strategy, as well as rich volatility premiums and supportive environment.

US Equity Strategy and the recently launched European Equity Strategy continue to beat the market, up 18.7% and 17.7% Ytd respectively. Seasonality as well as volatility overlay worked exceptionally well this year leading to 3.5% and 1.9% outperformance for the US and European strategies respectively. Small and mid-cap  Swiss Equity Strategy long-term value investing approach resulted in 17.2% Ytd performance and 2% outperformance of the SPI Index.

The demand for residential real estate in Switzerland keeps the upward pressure on Swiss Property Strategy that is up 2.7% in H1. We were delighted to welcome Diego Reyes to the real estate team as a senior fund manager in April. The team will focus on optimizing financial analysis and operational processes, while putting forth sustainable development and value creation through renovation and construction. The medium term objective is to grow the fund and increase its annual dividend.  

Finally, we are returning to the office mid-July, whilst maintaining a flexible approach to work-from-home part time. And we look forward to welcoming you, our investors, at Dominicé!

Whether you are concerned with finding an alternative to bonds, protecting equities or diversifying your holdings, we would be pleased to learn more about your current investment objectives and discuss how Dominicé could help you reach your return goals.