Diego Reyes joins Dominicé's Real Estate Team


We are pleased to announce that Diego Reyes has joined Dominicé's Real Estate team as a senior fund manager.

"We look forward to having Diego Reyes as a senior manager of Dominicé's Real Estate Fund. His experience, expertise and rigor will strengthen fund analytics and management processes, allowing to maximise the results. This is excellent news for our building portfolio that has high potential for further development. “ said Michel Dominice, Senior Partner. 

Diego Reyes brings 10 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer at Solvalor Fund Management S.A. and as a senior fund manager of Solvalor 61. During his career he developed expertise in real estate securitization, financial analysis and operations, as well as a deep knowledge of the Swiss real estate market. He started his career as an accountant with the real estate management company Livit AG Real Estate Management, then Rham SA in Lausanne. Diego holds a diploma in Economics and Commerce, a certificate in Business Management and a certificate in Real Estate from the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI).

Dominicé's real estate fund invests in residential buildings in Switzerland and aims to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns in Swiss Francs. The Fund’s objective is to deliver 3% distributable yield per annum over the long-term while preserving wealth against inflation. The Fund’s strategy is fundamentally defensive so that in economic downturns, the properties in which it has invested, continue to remain occupied. The focus is on rental properties that are affordable and located close to amenities and transportation. They include new buildings, buildings to be refurbished, as well as construction projects. The key to success is adding value through a rigorous selection process and our expertise in managing refurbishments and development projects.