Dominicé is very pleased to have been named Best Wealth Manager in 2018 by Performance Watcher in the high risk discretionary portfolio category. This award by an independent organization was based on the statistical performance analysis of the portfolio data provided directly by the private clients via their depository banks. 

Performance Watcher is a platform that allows private investors to anonymously submit daily portfolio results in order to compare them with peer portfolios in a given category. Dominicé asked its private clients to participate in Performance Watcher’s data gathering, by instructing their banks to send their performance results directly to the platform, indicating the name of their wealth manager. The platform currently holds more than 10'000 portfolios totaling a value of approximately CHF 25 billion.

The risk profiles identified by Performance Watcher (“low risk”, “medium risk” and “high risk”) are based on portfolio performance and behavior, rather than detailed portfolio holdings, which means that the holdings of the various portfolios within the peer group are not necessarily homogeneous. This tool does, however, favor a transparent and objective evaluation of private portfolio performance results, allowing investors to identify and compare the best wealth managers based on performance, level of risk and consistency of returns.

Furthermore, Performance Watcher allows wealth managers to benchmark their portfolio management results in what is a very opaque industry.  For example, Swiss private banks have liquidated their asset allocation funds, which used to reflect their investment strategies for discretionary mandates. It is therefore difficult for a wealth manager to benchmark itself among its peers, which is essential in a competitive environment. Hence we hope that other wealth managers will join and help grow this platform.

Dominicé Private Asset Management provides private wealth management services based on a long term view, quality investments, sound risk management and a rigorous quantitative process to mitigate behavioral bias in portfolio construction. The solutions proposed to the private investor are those that the principals of the company themselves invest in.